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    Luciano Micallef studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. Over a long period of time, Luciano's realistic style of painting evolved into one of total abstraction, using bold and colourful compositions. One may say that his style is eclectic because of the use of various materials that make his work appear so different each time. His persistent search for new means of expression has added to his eloquence of identity. The strong and positive statement of colour immediately identifies Luciano's artworks. These works do not whisper but call for attention and they become as engaging as in conversation.

    Considering the constraints of life on a small island such as Malta he has managed to introduce abstract painting to some of the most prominent locations: the airport, government schools, hotels, office buildings and many private residences. Luciano has also made a name for himself abroad from where he has received several notable commissions. Luciano has travelled extensively due to his exhibitions. Coupled with this he has a passion to explore and understand other cultures and to encounter other art forms of expression through such experiences. In 1990 he was offered an artist in residence prog at the Virginia Centre for the Creative Arts in USA. Soon after he won the International Visitors Programme, visiting various important art institutions throughout the USA. In 1991, Luciano was invited as an artist-in-residence at Luther College in Iowa, USA. In 2006 he was again artist-in-residence at the ANU, Australian National University, in Canberra, Australia.

    In the summer of 2006, the Bank of Valletta presented a retrospective exhibition covering works of art from over thirty years of his career. A book was published in conjunction with the retrospective show. Luciano has exhibited in museums and private galleries in Europe, Asia, the USA and Australia. In 1996 Gallery 5 was inaugurated, his own private gallery. The University of Malta has published a book about his works in 1993. Another book entitled Abstracts was launched in 2006.

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Artist: Luciano Micallef

Medium: Screen Print

Limited Edition A/P

Framed: YES

Dimensions: 70cm x 55cm (framed)